Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sun Bear

“If your religion doesn’t grow corn, I don’t want to hear about it.” – Sun Bear

I got the above quote from:

Probably not what most would consider historic so to speak. At first I figured it had to do with the fact that what one believes should improve their life, or help them grow. Being a christian I figured it was a quote that came from a smart native american fellow who got tired of people trying to convert him. According to the blog, " Sun Bear created what he called a modern tribe, the Bear Tribe, with both Indians and non-Indians who were interested in self-reliance and living in a traditional tribal society." Sun Bear even had a magazine at one time. I had never heard of him, and know very little about him except what this blog has told me. I left a comment on Mr. Nyerges blog because I was impressed with the comment. Mr. Nyerges responded by saying, yes, and Sun Bear was not being "anti-Christian." Lots of people purport to follow all sorts of preachers and saviors in many religions. What I got from Sun Bear was that we should LIVE what we believe, and "by their fruits ye shall know them," rather than, "you might sorta get what they're all about if you just listen long enough." His comment is a practical way to evaluate followers of any religion, political persuasion, school of thought, philosophy, etc."

Mr. Nyerges response hit me as odd to begin with (mostly because I think he misread the intent of my initial post). However, it did show a certain wisdom many don't follow today. So many of us are willing to be led and jump right into something without really thinking about it. I've been guilty in the past, as I'm sure most could say the same if they are being honest with themselves. Do we stand up for what we believe in? Do we do the things we tell others they should do? Mainly, are you growing? What kind of fruit are you producing? There have been a lot of positive quotes on this blog, and a lot of politically negative ones. My intention has been to get others to see that things are not always what they appear. I have been scared, angry, upset, and concerned for those around me while writing some of these. In others I have felt compassion, love toward others, empathy. I'm a man who wants to do good by others (which is why I became a nurse), and I find mallicious behavior distasteful. It is for those reasons that I initially started this blog.

Today, I find myself a different person than I was when I started this blog. I had a lot of fear, and now I know that it won't do me any good. Of course when your eyes get opened to how bad the corruption in this world for the first time (like mine were starting 5 years ago) it tends to impact you. At first I thought we could still change course as a nation. We still can but our collective apathy makes that highly unlikely. Now, I'm really more concerned with getting out the good news (God, and Jesus Christ). Something I have unfortunately been distracted from.

I may from time to time post here. But for the most part this is it. I still believe we as a nation have very trying times ahead. My advice (for whatever it's worth) would be to get to know those around you (neighbors, church friends, exc), and have a simple and doable plan for basic disaster planning. Do some research and do what is sane (not lock yourself away in a log cabin living as a hermit with 10 years of food on hand). If this country is really going to go down the tubes I can't see more than a year doing anyone much good. I will have less than that. After all there comes a point where preparing stops being preparation and starts to become panic and fear. That is no way to live (trust me on that). I firmly believe that no matter how good a plan you may have it will eventually fail (meaing something will come up that will throw you off your plan) if there is a prolonged incident. At some point if something really does go south you will need a relationship with God. I'm not going to tell you what to believe. I'll just say from my experience as a nurse those who have God fare much better in a health crisis than those who don't. I bid any who might come across this blog well. Be kind to one another, forgiving one another. If you have fear concerning the state of affairs in this world, lose it. I've learned through experience the fear will do you no good. Fear only leads to hatred, resentment and becoming stagnant when you might need to get moving. As another quote stated, "Harboring bitterness and resentment is like shooting yourself in the leg in order to hit your offender with the recoil."

In closing, to the one or two who have read this thank you. You have watched me learn to deal with this world with my eyes open. May God bless all of you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But now it is time for me to put far more effort into my relationship with God and my family.

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  1. "Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words".
    ~ attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi

    You and I have had this discussion via telephone many times, eh, BR'ER MARC?

    Indeed, only one's relationship with God and Christ will save them from the ordeal that's coming. A little preparation is in order, as even temporary, non-cosmic disasters can occur at any time, such as drought, a tornado, a truckers or railroad workers strike, etc.

    Food stored to get one through a month or two, maybe a generator in the shed, are good things. But what is coming to a corrupt nation near (and around) you is much too big for any human preparedness to handle. Only God can save one's azz!

    Bless And Be Blessed, Br'er.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'