Saturday, July 25, 2009

Benjamin Franklin on debt

"Think what you do when you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty."

Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Franklin knew what he was talking about. The United States initially set up a 20 charter with a central bank in our first 20 years in existence. Our founders seeing it for the debt it produced let it's charter run out. The Rothschild's in Europe didn't like this, and some say the war of 1812 was really about the United States not renewing the charter on that bank. The second Bank of the United states was another central bank that was abolished by Andrew Jackson. Of course Jacksons stand allowed The United States to be debt free for the first and only time in our nations history.

What people don't understand is that central banking is a debt based system. They only print the money to loan, not the interest. The bible commanded us to not charge usury (interest) in the old testament. The bible also states that the borrower is slave to the lender. Debt is slavery, and our founders understood this all too well. So now our third central bank known as the federal reserve has us Trillions in debt. If you pay it back you retract the money supply and crash the economy. If you keep spending you inflate the money supply and debach our dollar. Or, you try to keep this deck of cards standing by selling the debt to other countries and making a bigger mess down the road.


P.S. It is good to note that an attempt was made on Andrew Jackson's life when he wouldn't renew the bank charter. Could it be God's providence that made that gun back fire?

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  1. The first book of the Bible talks about honesty, for honesty is the foundation of knowledge, truth, liberty, and freedom. When a dishonest and deceitful banking system rises out of pure Greed,or otherwise know as the Federal Reserve, it places invisible bars or enslaves a nation by debt and devalues property and businesses to the point were foreign unindebted nations buy and become the land lords or rulers of indebted nations.